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SkyBlock Classic Realm

Hello everyone! After quite a long time we are finally ready to release first realm of SkyBlock. It look so long because we wanted to offer you guys bug free experience. The first realm is going to be released this Saturday at 3pm EST we will also be hosting a lot of giveaways, events therefore we heavily encourage you to hop on and check it out at that time!

April 4th, 3 PM EST
Check here to see what time release is for you!

Island Top & Competitions
In total, we will be having $1000+ in prizes. Here is the breakdown.
Each island's leader will receive the payments. However, we will also be hosting self payouts too which can be found below;
Island Top ( Weekly )
First Place - $125 PayPal & $125 BuyCraft & EOTW Tag
Second Place - $75 PayPal - $70 BuyCraft

Third Place - $25 PayPal - 45 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $40 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $25 BuyCraft

Simple version of SkyBlock that is old school based without confusing features; However, it does contain cool features that any skyblock player would like to experience.

Island Upgrades
There will be four type of upgrades that will help you compete in island top, in order to speed the progress up you must upgrade your island to maxed level for more space, better performance etc:

In which you can play three different games that are based on luck according to what you can win or lose:​

Auction House
Classic auction house in which you can buy & sell stuff:

Custom Enchantments
Custom enchantments is the definition of what makes gameplay epic for players! For the best enchantments you must grind xp to be the boss of pvp and to make gameplay easier for you.

Glowing: allows the user to see in the dark.

Mermaid: allows the user to breath underwater.

Implants: Slowly feeds the player as they walk.

Commander: Gives nearby faction members haste.

Springs: Gives the player a small jump boost.

Anti-Gravity: Gives the player a bigger jump boost.

Gears: Gives the player a speed boost.

Rocket: When the player is low on HP there is a chance they will fly backwards to escape battle.

Burn-Shield: Gives the player fire resistance.

Overload: Gives the player health boost.

Self-Destruct: When the player dies it will cause an explosion.

Hulk: Gives the player strength, damage resistance, and slowness.

Ninja: Gives the player health boost and speed.

Enlightened: Has a chance to heal you when being attacked.

Freeze: Has a chance to give your attacker slowness.

Fortify: Has a chance to give your attacker weakness.

Molten: Has a chance to set your attacker on fire.

Pain-Giver: Has a chance to give your attacker poison.

Savior: Has a cut incoming damage in half.

Nursery: Has a chance to heal you while walking.

Insomnia: Gives you confusion, mining fatigue, and slowness but gives you a high chance to deal double damage.

Valor: Gives the player resistance.

Smoke-Bomb: Has a chance to give the attacker slowness and blindness so you can get away

Drunk: Gives you strength, mining fatigue, and slowness.

Voodoo: Has a chance to give your attacker weakness.

Recover: After killing a player you gain regeneration and absorption hearts.

Cactus: Has a chance to damage the player that damaged you.

Angel: Gives nearby faction members regeneration.

StormCaller: Has a chance to strike the player attacking you.

Leadership: When faction members a near it makes you do more damage.

Blizzard: Gives nearby enemies slowness until they are away from you.

Intimidate: Gives all nearby players on weakness until they are away from you.

SandStorm: Gives nearby players blindness for 10 seconds, 1/38 chance, and a 30 second cool down time (-5sec per level).

AcidRain: Gives nearby players poison II for 4 seconds, 1/45 chance, and a 30 second cool down time (-5sec per level).

Radiant: Sets all nearby players on fire until they are away from you, 5 Seconds 1/25 chance with a 15 second cool down (-5sec per level).

Tamer: Spawns in a wolf (+1 for every level) that fight with you for one minute. Has a cool down of two minutes.

Guards: Spawns in an iron golem (+1 for every level) that will fight for you for one minute. Has a cool down of two minutes.

Necromancer: Spawns in 2 zombie (+2 for every level) that fight with you for one minute. Has a cool down of two minutes.

Infestation: Spawns in 3 silverfish and 3 endermites (+3 of each for every level) that fight with you for one minute. Has a cool down of two minutes.

Piercing: Has a chance to deal double damage.

Doctor: Has a chance to heal a player when hit.

Boom: Has a chance to spawn TnT where the arrow lands.

Venom: Has a chance to give poison to the player shot.

Ice-Freeze: Has a chance to give the player shot slowness.

Lightning: Has a chance to strike lightning where the arrow lands.

Multi-Arrow: Has a chance to shoot multiple arrows.

Pull: Has a chance to send the player you hit flying at you.

Vampire: Has a chance to heal you by one heart when attacking.

Life-Steal: Has a chance to steal your enemies's health.

Double-Damage: Has a chance to deal double damage.

SlowMo: Has a chance to give the enemy slowness.

Mcmmo can provide convenience to you in many ways, for example if you grind your swords skills your hits will be more powerful towards other players & mobs:

You can earn mobcoins by killing mobs and buy valuable items such as spawners instead of in game cash, this can help you setup quickly in the beginning If you want to complete for island top.


Public PvP Mine & Donator Mine
It is possible to grab free ores & blocks by mining but your life is in risk at pvp mine. You also can grab better stuff at donator mine without taking yourself in danger.


Custom Drops
In order to bring something unique and exciting to the game play we set custom drops for few mobs that can be useful in terms of farming can be found below:
PS: Removed custom drops from silverfish and ocelot and replaced gold ingot with Pigman.

Sky Drops
To keep the pvp alive sky drops will be dropping often at warp pvp. We set three different tiers that give common, uncommon, rare stuff, with those stuff you can boost yourself & team easily:​

Yess bosses, we have created 10+ bosses that will be spawning at /warp boss. Killing them will you crazy rewards. Dont worry we created easy, medium, hard, expert bosses so not all of them are overpowered:​

With the aim of making it easier to follow for you players we will be having GUI leaderboards in game, with that you guys will be able to check who is number one at that moment. Website stats will soon be added.​


Bags & Bag Upgrades
Bags can be useful while you are mining or not having enough space in your inventory.​

Chest Shop
You can create your own shop by following the steps down here:

We have six different crates that have cool rewards here is the info about them:

-MCHeroes Team
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